Saturday, 25 February 2017

Had a spare day to play with some toys!

Well, play..

I'm still here, still alive, and still working 60+ hour weeks. so while i'm getting a little gaming in on my PC (played a little for Honor and a little of the ghost recon beta) I'm not army building. I haven't really painted a "mini" since last summer, but I have got a few Star Wars figure customs and repaints if those are of interest to anyone.
These are what the heads of these models look like out of the box, plain plastic. its such a shame as the sculpts are really good likenesses.

after a little paint, they really come to life, so I find I have to do this with each one.

This Jango Fett head helped a clone trooper come to life as helmetless

and Luke and Han are looking much more themselves now.

Of course all this repainting then sets me thinking. this is a "Guavian Death Gang" member, you might remember them as the red dudes that boarded Han's ship then got eaten by Rathtars in the Force Awakens. unsurprisingly this 6" toy didn't sell well as they are in the film 3 minutes and all they do is get eaten.

So forbidden planet had them on sale. I bought a couple.

I bought a 3rd party ebay head or two, and went to work. behold - a Duros bounty hunter.

and how he started.

and with a donor gun.

well that started something. I had a spare Jango fett (also cheap, also not selling well it seems)

So I set about making my own mandalorian.

Helmeted and helmetless (its removable) and again with custom guns.

This last head also found a place on a second Guavian body..

 So you can see my brushes haven't been totally Idle. I don't really have a use for these other than to pop them on a shelf, but since that's whats been happening to my gaming miniatures these days anyway - whats the diff?

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