Friday, 26 August 2016

Wot I did during the summer holidays

"We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it."
Roald Dhal

So, I decorated. and I manged to play a few computer games, read a couple of books etc.. I haven't touched a model per se.. though I might still build an astromech as it's a bank holiday this weekend.

Nothing but walls got painted though.

I did have to work out for my job a decent way to do video capture, and have, so i might upload a few videos of me playing computer games and talking crap as opposed to building models and talking crap.

I'll put one in this post, let me know what you think.. I think my audio is capturing quietly and i'm not sure why so I'll have to take a look at that..

 If I get around to building Artoo I'll capture that oo, though such videos tend to be long, and need editing, which then means I need to find more time and.. well, see above..

I do still enjoy reading all of your blogs on the train and vicariously soaking in hobby goodness, though my enthusiasm for GW stuff is pretty much totally exhausted now - I saw the new Deathwatch stuff and while I think I should have been excited, I couldn't find those stirrings in me.

I cant shake the uncomfortable feeling that its got something to do with their digital process too - as someone who loved digital art, to think that is a little worrying, but the shortcuts in process it enables you to follow and the temptation to re-use base meshes, I think I'm seeing in their work, Or it could simply be that they are flooding the market with just too many Marine army variants..

So, Rambling over for another post, many thanks for enduring it ;)

Oh one further thing, the blog site just passed 6 hundred thousand page Views, which is amazing, and it still gets a ton of views a week, (kinda wish I'd put a discrete advert on it somewhere when I started, might have been able to supplement the hobby pot here and there) And even better is till occasionally get emails form people about the tutorials and videos posted here. so its nice to know that while I'm out in the world to busy to make content and contribute, that all the stuff I have already got here is still helping people out and providing some value for them.

What an age we live in eh?


  1. I havn't forgotten my vow of the moment. I'm still working on it !

  2. Well done for doing *something* properly constructive, mate: the most I've managed to do is to cadge a free ice-cream from Zzzzzz's father in-law...

    Stay well; fly casual.


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