Thursday, 21 July 2016

Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan

In working on these 1/12 scale Star Wars Model kits I struck upon a similarly scaled action figure line, and some of the models are very good. - what I'm most interested in personally are the armoured models, such as stormtroopers, mandalorians etc.

The main reasons for that are that cloth items at that scale usually look terrible, and that the flesh looks awful too.

However, Obi appears to be a bit of a peg warmer, so can be had quite cheap - that being the case I thought I'd try a face repaint.

Oh, and a quick and dirty light saber Photoshop :)

Results, and step by step follow in pictorial.


  1. Brilliant, love the repainted face - what a great job.

  2. Very nice, Always like a spot of OWK.

  3. Stellar job on the repaint. Love when everyone shows what you can do to existing models!


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