Sunday, 17 July 2016

Recently I have mostly been playing -- Star Citizen

You may have heard of Star Citizen- it began as a crowd funded "Elite" type MMO game, and its been going quite a while and racked up both adherents and doubters, controversies an conspiracy theorists.

At the end of the day however, its an ambitious project that it appears its owners are working really hard to deliver - yes its monetized, and some people have spent a crazy amount of money on a game that inst out yet, but its also got a $40 minimum buy in and no reason to spend any more than that.

Its also free to play this week, so if in the next few paragraphs I Manage to incite your interest in a free week, pop over and sign up - and if you do decide to join, please use my referral code, cos if you do, I get free stuff. - MY Code- STAR-G3YX-P9V2

Its interesting to me for a number of reasons, firstly, I teach game design and the crowd funded model is changing my industry, second I love Elite games and wing commander clones and Chris Roberts, the guy behind WC 1 through 3 is behind this project.

Take a look at some footage -

Its also interesting to me technically, because this team are doing some very ambitious nay crazy stuff, and all with everyone able to watch, they post weekly updates and bug fixing videos, its a real insight into the process. I've worked with Cryengine and they are bending it to purposes it was never designed for in some really creative ways.

I have a decent PC so I might have a go at capturing some game play myself for my YouTube channel, if you'd be interested in seeing more about it on the blog, let me know.

Theres not a whole lot to do in the alpha right now, but for someone with at best a couple of spare hours a week its a good diversion.

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  1. Wha ? Who ? Oh.

    Yes, put it on your You Toob. I'll have a look in the morning....


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