Friday, 29 July 2016

O summer where art thou?

Like most educators in the UK I just broke up for the summer.

If you see a very tired, yet relieved person wandering aimlessly in the supermarket near you, who looks like the aren't used to being out in the day, looking at the sun like they aren't sure what its for, then spare a kind thought for them, they are probably a teacher.

And those of you with children, thinking "what the hell do I do with these little people for FIVE WEEKS" just spare a thought for the people whose lives are educating and entertaining them for the rest of the year.

Me, I'm going to be building models, photographing models, playing computer games and also panting the biggest model I own. - my house. (decorating time)

Here's a couple I snapped and hadn't uploaded..

I've got a model kit here of C3PO and an R2D2 that i'll have to build and weather which I'm looking forward to and will try to document..


  1. 5 weeks?! Here in Canada they are off for almost 9 weeks!!!

  2. Hummm. I'm about 6km from Drax this week. I'll have to pop up and see you as well at some point soon.

  3. Enjoy the break, goodness knows you've deserved it.

  4. Love it.

    And welcome to summer. Come on in: the water's lovely!


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