Sunday, 17 July 2016

Blog update

Hi Everyone.

Apologies again for the quiet over here, It's been a full academic year in my new role and as I near the end of the term I cant help but reflect that I haven't really put brush to a model in this time. I've done a few things with action figures and 1/12 scale figure kits, some of which I've shared, I've played a few games of X wing - its easy and little work is required (oh and I made some asteroids for that, I'll share those eventually) I've managed to play one or two computer games, but not in any real depth.

While Ive been away the blog has closed in on 600,000 page views. that's insane. my most popular post source is google and the top viewed post is the blood angel assault squad here


Followed after an odd post, by the old KasrKin conversion here


It's really heartening that my content is still out there and still getting views, even if much more slowly when you aren't regularly updating.

I have, as most of us do, an unpainted crack pile. I may get to a little of it in the summer break, but no promises, I have some larger scale painting to do (it's time to decorate!)

1 comment:

  1. Good to know that you are still around and look forward to that summer break, sounds like you deserve it!


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