Saturday, 19 March 2016

Way too old for toys


So what am I doing with the action figures and model kits? Where are the 40k models? why isn't there an army being built?

Well the short answer is I haven't had time for anything much on the personally creative front since September. But I also have the same problem a lot of you out there do, an obsession with geeky things and a need to do something creative with my time.

These kits and figures are allowing me to collect.. (an illness a lot of us share)  to obsess (yep there's another) and to be a little creative in that I can take pictures like the ones in this thread, and I can build the kits, and I am looking to get into some customs. I’m going to start with a repaint or two and maybe even do a little sculpting or recasting and modifying of parts here and there.

ig88 woods

So what does this mean for the blog? I guess if there's interest and I have the time and energy going forward I’ll keep you up to speed with what I’m doing. If I can I might make a tutorial or two for some of the photography and post-processing I’m doing along with any builds or customisation.

Let me know in the comments if this is something that anyone would be interested in.




  1. Keep doin' these, they work for me !

  2. I really like these images, there's something really cool about seeing action figures in dioramas/action scenes.

    They remind me a lot of this guys work. some pretty awesome shots in that gallery.

    Looking forward to seeing more of yours if you keep sharing them :)

    1. Yeah that guys work is amazing.. but then hes using the 12" scale figs that run into hundreds of pounds each, I'm using 6" scale that top out around twenty quid :)

      His photography is also much better :)

  3. I'm up for that. I recently got back into cutting on avid at work and I use a lot of premier and photoshop at home so I'm always up for learning how to do fun stuff with photos and video :)

  4. If you just started picking up rocks and posting pics of them I'd still keep swinging by...

    ...but these are fantastic!


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