Sunday, 6 March 2016

Alive. Just Busy

Hello everyone.

I’ll level with you, this isn't me “back” – this is an update, and there may be more, but there is no sense of a return to any kind of schedule I’m afraid. I simply spoke with one of our community on the phone the other day and it reminded me that I should probably let people know that I’m actually alive.

The simple truth is that my new job (September new) has me very busy, and I burned through all my stored content. I’ll also level with you all in saying that I am not really turned on creatively by 40k at the moment.

Now don't think I’m going to be selling armies or pacing things away. but I just don't have the time to build a unit at the moment much less an army.

What I am excited by, and what I can just about fit into the time I have available is a little bit of star wars stuff. the last few times I've had the opportunity to game it’s been X wing that has my attention, it required less set up and pre planning yet still offers a fun game with cool models. painting and modelling is optional, for someone with limited time that's a bonus. I made the asteroids in the pic there too.

I’ve also discovered just how good “Star wars Figures” are now. when I was a kid I had a ton, and with the new movies coming out the idea of a storm trooper for the desk was too good to pass up. Well as you can imagine for a person with my collecting, building and toy obsessions it didn't stop at a single storm trooper for the desk. Between the star wars hasbro black series, mafex, figuarts and bandai model kits, there's a wealth of good looking /12 scale posable models and what it has allowed me to do is flex my creativity a little in taking some pictures, which I’ve enjoyed, and in building the odd one off model kit – I may post more on those. I’m also looking at customisation and paint for some of the figures.

I did manage to play fallout 4 too. and I got a little way into XCOM 2 but then work got in the way again and ive not touched it for two weeks.

So yeah, Alive. Busy. Still doing some stuff, but, ya know, different stuff. At some point I’ll return to painting and making, but I don't know when. until then I’ll try and let you all know what I am doing a bit more regularly.


  1. Sorry for the dodgy formatting, live writer seems to have forgotten how to blogger.

  2. Ugh, stupid work. I feel your pain.

  3. Work is the curse of the gaming classes.


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