Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bandai 1/12 Scale Stormtrooper


Having decided I wanted a Stormtrooper and in my mind, one that wasn't too expensive, wasn't to small or large and was a decent looking model, I looked at what was on offer, everything from the Mafex, SH Figuarts, Black series, Revoltech and finally the model kit.

I quickly realised that for me, the model kit was the best looking option, as far as visible joints, scale and proportion it just looked better than the others. So I asked the lovely people of Japan to send me one.


This is what you get in the box, some white styrene parts, lovely and shiny, some black hard plastic elements, and some softer plastic elements. and the eye lenses are smoked clear plastic. you also get some decals and whatnot.


The kits are interesting in that they don't require any glue, the whole thing just snap fits.


and once complete, the thing retains its articulation, what you are building here is an action figure in kit form.


Instructions are easy to follow, and while some of the kits will need a lot of paint to look awesome, the stormtrooper is largely already the correct colours. a few dabs of blue and grey are all that's needed.


He stands up well


And I love the way the head sits low, and the shoulders are narrow. this is what Stormtroopers should look like.


Here he is with his black series clone cousin.


Yes at this stage the plan was “just to add a first order kit” so I had the three iconic armours I loved.


  1. If it's anything like the Gundam kits then the detail and posability will be astounding. How they get so much articulation in a model with no need to glue boggles the mind.
    He looks really good next to the clone, and definitely not too short to be a stormtrooper.

  2. They are nice kits. I'm building an R5-D4 and converting the included R2-D2 into R2-Q5.

    If you're doing the transition of the armor from the Clones to the FO don't forget the phase 2 Clone. It's where a lot of the Stormtrooper details begin taking shape.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      Yeah the issue is though that in this scale there is only 1 model of the phase 2 trooper I'm aware of and it was an amazon exclusive box with four figs in it..


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