Sunday, 4 October 2015

White Scars Biker Melta Squad Finished!

I keep saying it, but man bikes take time to paint!

Some still as well in an attempt to better portray the colours.. though I think the video quality is improving!


The Sergeant is made using one of the white scars upgrade torsos, but with the sword replaces with a combi melta. Ive done that more than once, but will use the wicked curved swords on the command squad


I’, also using all my older plastic leftover armour marks that I wont be using with my Minotaurs; this fits for me as the white scars are an old and somewhat unruly legion, the mk 6 heads and torsos, along with the mk 5 heresey bodies fit well with the scars for me; its a bit of a shame all the biker legs are mk 7 but hey ho, we compromise!


There are also bits drawn from the BA and SW kits dotted throughout this build.. like the crested helm and the more ornate melta.


There you have them, more to follow.. but I need to push myself to get the balance right.. the Minotaurs are so much easier to paint!


  1. The may take time, but my word they look impressive!

  2. thanks guys, they do look pretty good as a unit, going to be nice having a mob of them :)

  3. They do look good - and like a lot of spaze muhreens, it looks like such an easy colour scheme; But I guess that to get them looking good, most of the primary colour based schemes are a bitch. (yeah, I know B&W are not primary colours, but you know what I mean).

  4. Very nice work. I noticed you dirtied up the bottom of the feet some more, helps pop it away from the white! Awesome job!


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