Sunday, 11 October 2015

Shas'O Vesu'r R'alai.. Painted!

I finished him a while back, but in the interests of scheduling content,(and letting his owner see him before he appears on the webs) I’m posting him today..

A wicked model, and the studio paint job doesn't do it justice..

DSC_9665 DSC_9666 DSC_9667 DSC_9668

Its a nice sculpt, I find myself more and more wanting fewer GW products and more FW ones.. and thats noting to do with armies or lists or rules and purely because of the quality of the models.

DSC_9669 DSC_9670 DSC_9671 DSC_9672

I mean look at these funky lil’ blacksun filter markerlight drones!


  1. I was gonna say, that's quite a jump from White Scars!! Looks great.

    I agree I only really buy FW stuff now. The plastics are almost as expensive as the resins!! May as well get your money's worth!

  2. And here's me trying to buy to buy less FW. But yes, generally, it's the way ahead. Also nice job on the 'suit. Obviously those Whitebait bikers were just practice for this guy.

    (deliberate aquatic reference, btw. I don't want you to think that these comments are just thrown together...)

  3. Thanks guys, really enjoyed working on him.


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