Sunday, 18 October 2015

Minotaur Chapter Honour Guard

These chaps are now painted!

The Last four Honour Guard, including the banner bearer are now painted..


DSC_9682 DSC_9683 DSC_9684 DSC_9685

Chapter Champion with classic “sword raised aloft” pose.. Mk 7 armour for this fellow. he must be quite young ;)

 DSC_9686 DSC_9687 DSC_9688 DSC_9689

Mk3 – Drawing sword.. lovely pose!


DSC_9691 DSC_9692 DSC_9693

a mix of mk7 and mk5 armour on this chap and an axe!


DSC_9694 DSC_9695 DSC_9696 DSC_9697

Banner bearer in mk 3…

Nice easy paint job on these, and a nice antidote to the challenge of the white scars as it paints well and they aren't on bikes, so they are fast to do in comparison.

Quite a mash of bits too, Sternguard, MK3 command, brass etch, ultramarines upgrade sprue..

I’ll get to the rank and file of these chaps soon, – two rhinos to paint to go with them as well!


  1. Really nice. Mucho likeo.

    How are you going to weave these into your bloodwolfscar army ?

    1. Sideways.

      In truth, I wouldnt feild them all together. too many points. the wolves stand alone. everything can can be mixed.. but if i used the minos chapter tactic so i can use moloch they dont play well with other marines...

  2. Gorgeous work, man! I dig how those turned out!

  3. Thankyou everyone! now I just need to find time to do some painting so I dont run out of posts!

  4. Where did you get the 3rd party head for the chapter champion?


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