Sunday, 30 August 2015

White Scars Bikers Grav Squad


So here is the first Squad off the production line for these guys, a Sergeant with a combi grav. I’ve never fired a grav in anger, so I'll have to work out what they do when I first play with these guys :)

DSC_9643 DSC_9644 DSC_9645 DSC_9646


And the boys. Now I know I don't need the extra guy to unlock weapons or anything, but I figure and extra wound is not to be sniffed at.

DSC_9647 DSC_9648 DSC_9649

I never know what to do with the exhausts on these. I may stick and extra bit of tube on them, or I might just leave them be, seeing as one guy is already mostly painted, its had to change him too!


  1. I am always confused what to do with exhausts as well. I take a look at them, realize its going to be the first piece that snaps off, then sigh and glue them on anyway.

    1. Yeah I am currently leaving them as-is and I'll just not draw attenjtion to that area with the paint :)


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