Sunday, 23 August 2015

White Scars Attack force – building!


Production line building of the White scars..

I intend about 1k of these to use with my other armies and for what they are good at – bikes. I’m trying to build fluffy these days not cheesy, so I wont be using scout moving hit and run contemptors, or 24” move rhinos..

I’m building – 1 captain, 1 grav squad, 1 melta squad with attack bike, 1 attack bike squad with 2 MM and I’m making a company command squad for the captain to have a bit more CC backup, sort of a mini-0deathstar as it will have FNP and the cap has a 2+/3++


Expect a few weeks of video and still content of these chaps while I show my paint test and my builds..


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