Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Wip – White Scar biker highlights

Another wee Vid of the Biker test fig. One more of these with the weathering, then he’s done. I need to set to building his compatriots!

I confess to trying something.. different with this vid – try not to be sick when you're watching it lol.


  1. The brush POV is awesome. Not sure it works, but it sure was fun :) Red and white are two of the hardest colors for any camera to deal with so it's a little funny that you picked a white scar for your first set of vids :P

    1. Hehe yeah, after thinking about it, if i fixed focus on the camer to the brush tip, and cut away whenever i'm moving it about a lot, there might be some value in it..

      and yeah, its a tad hard to photograph, but it's the tricky balance of the usual bright light i paint under, and good light to capture what I'm doing.. I'm working on that

    2. Hehe I like the brush pov, but only as a neat thing for a few minutes, then it's a bit obtrusive. I think over the shoulder is the best way to observe painting (imo).


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