Sunday, 9 August 2015

Minotaur Chapter Test Mini

The Minotaurs. Aggressive, CC oriented, not tied to a codex as much as other chapters, Fast paint job, Good looking, and with access to all the toys. what’s not to like, right?

I’m giving serious consideration to moving my unpainted plastic crack paile over to these guys, with BA, SM and SW parts I think I can convert up a reasonable looking force of Minos. So I tried one.

DSC_9613 DSC_9614 DSC_9615 DSC_9616
This chap will be one of Moloch’s Honour guard if I go ahead with the build – He’s converted from a Space Wolf chest, Vanguard legs arms from the old assault box, a bolter from the Blood Angels box and some plasticard for the collar – as you may or may not know the Minotaurs have access to lots of up to date gear through their association with the High Lords of Terra.. this means more errant armour than is usual and presents a unique problem as there aren't many errant bitz out there.

This is one solution a dressed plasticard strip atop a chest piece with enclosed cables and a selection of legs with knee pads. I’m not always going to be able to do this, but the fluff doesn't say “all” errant, it just says “more than usual” so if I make sure there's a high presence of this armour marque, along with others, I should be pulling off the look.

So how am I going to do that?

Lets look at the Errant armour chests that are already out there -

the new tactical box has one. The new devestator box has one. The sternguard box has one.(L>R below)
image image image
That's it for actual Errant chests.. there are some more that will pass with work, such as the company champion, BA artificier sanguinary guard etc.. these would be okay for Mino characters or sgts..
image image image
And then theres the GK.. probarbly too much work to strip the rest of the iconography, which is a shame as its the box with the most “collars”
My last option is to go through the chest pieces and look for any with the enclosed cables as you see on the “proper” errant pieces above and on the space wolf piece I used in my test fig, and add collars to those. I still haven't properly tracked down how many of those there are in each box.

So there we are, my plans, my test fig and my proposal for dealing with the lack of errant armour out there. If anyone has any bitz lying around from those first six images or other suitable alternative I’d be very interested in trying to sort out a bitz trade for them? for instance anyone who has recently done a heresy army and couldn't use them :) or if anyone has any other ideas on how to proceeded I'd be glad to hear those too.

And as always any comment or input on the test fig would be welcome. Thanks for reading!


  1. I forgot to say.. Images from where i get most of my bitz.. used without permission. if its an issues, let me know.

  2. I like the paint job on it, though feels too "golden" for me and not bronze enough, if that makes sense?

    1. Yep, I hear you, but i looked into this :).. after looking at FW's paint job on asterion..

      I went and looked at a bunch of actual bronze items..
      and so on.. its actually a very brassy/gold colour..

      this kind of artificial bronze paint - thats been pioneered by PP a lot is really just so that theres a difference.. and now Ive seen the real stuff, I would feel wierd going back to a "fake" bronze. - I may however try and warm it up a little.. or introduce more silver tones like the FW painter has done..

    2. I thought there would probably be a reason as to why you went that way with it.

    3. Hehe.. I may still warm up the general tone to be a little more brassy - but I dont want to wander all the way into copper.


  3. The fun thing about these guys, is you could easily differentiate squads by putting different levels of wear on their armor plates.

    1. I could.. I'm thinking at the moment to combine both "proper" codex chapter markings for the tactical (this guy in honour guard, so his pads are different..) Aaand using armour marks to differentiate squads where possible. The fluff says these guys use a lot of mk8, some mk7 but also have some mk4 and refitted mk3.. so that might be a thing.


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