Sunday, 16 August 2015

Finished US airborne detachment


Hi all, finally finished these guys off so wanted to share.. pics below, but also a very short video. messed up sound, which I can fix (basically I used a webcam with a forward facing mic and sat behind it.. heh. so I can disable that mic and use another, but only if such a thing as a video has any value.. it may just be that pics win.. let me know) but I wanted to have the video as easy as shoot and upload, like the stills, obviously that means no editing, no tweaking, no credits etc.. – It may be i need a happy medium between those two things, but I tend to either do nowt or go overboard.. anyway offtipic..

Here are the models you came to see :)


Airborne squad, LMG, NCO and six riflemen


Platoon commander, two vets with SMG


Veteran Squad, with a BAR and NCO


A medic and a Bazooka team


And finally an engineer squad, two BAR two riflemen and an NCO

I know its not exactly a competitive list, but it should be fun to play against a similarly balanced german list of my own making, a couple of vet squads in hanomags..

and here’s that video with awful sound.. crank it up and beware the end bit where im on top of the mic heheh


  1. Brilliant work - a great looking force!

  2. Great job. They look really consistent across the force!

  3. Nice job on these guys! Just getting into Bolt Action myself

  4. Thankyou all. Its always refreshing to paint some bolt action - I dont know if its the detail in the sculpts or the reduced surface area but they always paint up really quick compared to GW minins :)

  5. Just fantastic!

    You know what they'd go really well alongside? - some nice, fluffy, British 11th AD infantry.

    Jus' sayin'...

    1. Right, so I need Africa Korps then ?

    2. Hehe, well I have quite a few germans already.. we can probably already manage a small scale D day encounter or two...


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