Sunday, 30 August 2015

White Scars Bikers Grav Squad


So here is the first Squad off the production line for these guys, a Sergeant with a combi grav. I’ve never fired a grav in anger, so I'll have to work out what they do when I first play with these guys :)

DSC_9643 DSC_9644 DSC_9645 DSC_9646


And the boys. Now I know I don't need the extra guy to unlock weapons or anything, but I figure and extra wound is not to be sniffed at.

DSC_9647 DSC_9648 DSC_9649

I never know what to do with the exhausts on these. I may stick and extra bit of tube on them, or I might just leave them be, seeing as one guy is already mostly painted, its had to change him too!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Wip – White Scar biker highlights

Another wee Vid of the Biker test fig. One more of these with the weathering, then he’s done. I need to set to building his compatriots!

I confess to trying something.. different with this vid – try not to be sick when you're watching it lol.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

White Scars Attack force – building!


Production line building of the White scars..

I intend about 1k of these to use with my other armies and for what they are good at – bikes. I’m trying to build fluffy these days not cheesy, so I wont be using scout moving hit and run contemptors, or 24” move rhinos..

I’m building – 1 captain, 1 grav squad, 1 melta squad with attack bike, 1 attack bike squad with 2 MM and I’m making a company command squad for the captain to have a bit more CC backup, sort of a mini-0deathstar as it will have FNP and the cap has a 2+/3++


Expect a few weeks of video and still content of these chaps while I show my paint test and my builds..

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday WiP – White Scars Biker

Hi All,

Continuing with the video WiP posts, and trying to establish some kind of posting schedule, I’m reserving Wednesdays for work in Progress, in honour of Odin.. or something. heh. I’ll also try and post an update on Sundays with more finished work, if there is any; or some other content if not.

So here’s another round of work on the White scar test fig. One more vid should see him finished, then I need to build all his buddies..

Some more changes to the video making process, all edits live and in camera :) let me know your thoughts, and I’m still working on the whole google hang out thing. I want to get one in before the end of august, let me know in the comments if that's appealing in any way..

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Finished US airborne detachment


Hi all, finally finished these guys off so wanted to share.. pics below, but also a very short video. messed up sound, which I can fix (basically I used a webcam with a forward facing mic and sat behind it.. heh. so I can disable that mic and use another, but only if such a thing as a video has any value.. it may just be that pics win.. let me know) but I wanted to have the video as easy as shoot and upload, like the stills, obviously that means no editing, no tweaking, no credits etc.. – It may be i need a happy medium between those two things, but I tend to either do nowt or go overboard.. anyway offtipic..

Here are the models you came to see :)


Airborne squad, LMG, NCO and six riflemen


Platoon commander, two vets with SMG


Veteran Squad, with a BAR and NCO


A medic and a Bazooka team


And finally an engineer squad, two BAR two riflemen and an NCO

I know its not exactly a competitive list, but it should be fun to play against a similarly balanced german list of my own making, a couple of vet squads in hanomags..

and here’s that video with awful sound.. crank it up and beware the end bit where im on top of the mic heheh

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Video Blogging?

We should call it, like, Vlogging or something. That might catch on.

If you have the patience to watch this, feel free to do so and give feedback :) its fifteen mins or so of me rambling and painting a white scars biker. I might be able to get this to a place where its very easy to do, which is the goal, and if so, then look for more of these if they are going to be a worthwhile endeavour.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Minotaur Chapter Test Mini

The Minotaurs. Aggressive, CC oriented, not tied to a codex as much as other chapters, Fast paint job, Good looking, and with access to all the toys. what’s not to like, right?

I’m giving serious consideration to moving my unpainted plastic crack paile over to these guys, with BA, SM and SW parts I think I can convert up a reasonable looking force of Minos. So I tried one.

DSC_9613 DSC_9614 DSC_9615 DSC_9616
This chap will be one of Moloch’s Honour guard if I go ahead with the build – He’s converted from a Space Wolf chest, Vanguard legs arms from the old assault box, a bolter from the Blood Angels box and some plasticard for the collar – as you may or may not know the Minotaurs have access to lots of up to date gear through their association with the High Lords of Terra.. this means more errant armour than is usual and presents a unique problem as there aren't many errant bitz out there.

This is one solution a dressed plasticard strip atop a chest piece with enclosed cables and a selection of legs with knee pads. I’m not always going to be able to do this, but the fluff doesn't say “all” errant, it just says “more than usual” so if I make sure there's a high presence of this armour marque, along with others, I should be pulling off the look.

So how am I going to do that?

Lets look at the Errant armour chests that are already out there -

the new tactical box has one. The new devestator box has one. The sternguard box has one.(L>R below)
image image image
That's it for actual Errant chests.. there are some more that will pass with work, such as the company champion, BA artificier sanguinary guard etc.. these would be okay for Mino characters or sgts..
image image image
And then theres the GK.. probarbly too much work to strip the rest of the iconography, which is a shame as its the box with the most “collars”
My last option is to go through the chest pieces and look for any with the enclosed cables as you see on the “proper” errant pieces above and on the space wolf piece I used in my test fig, and add collars to those. I still haven't properly tracked down how many of those there are in each box.

So there we are, my plans, my test fig and my proposal for dealing with the lack of errant armour out there. If anyone has any bitz lying around from those first six images or other suitable alternative I’d be very interested in trying to sort out a bitz trade for them? for instance anyone who has recently done a heresy army and couldn't use them :) or if anyone has any other ideas on how to proceeded I'd be glad to hear those too.

And as always any comment or input on the test fig would be welcome. Thanks for reading!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Projects update – Taking stock

Yeah, its the summer hols and for teachers it’s pretty much new year. At least I tend to think in academic years these days – that thing everyone else gets excited about in January just doesn't have the same weight for me.
I missed a post last week too, that was due to having taken a bit of a break form painting with the intensity I had been doing to keep the momentum up on the blood angels. So with all that in mind, it’s time to just recap the armies and projects I have on the go, and I’ll be up front here, i’m going to share everything I have that is in any stage of development..
So, the main 40k armies- 
DSC_9550[3] Blood Angels – about 2200 pts all painted. yeah, nothing sat in a box cos I ran out of steam, I saw them, planned them, bought them and painted them. they play well to. awesome. I must do it like this more often.

DSC_8859[5] Imperial Guard (yes that’s what they are called) – over 6k pts, most of it painted. I still have to – finish the heavy weapon teams, put final paint on the sentinels and tauros and the was a surprise addition of another flyer, but that’s for later. everything else is painted. I can finish these, and will look to do so over the next few months.

DSC_8271[3] Space Wolves – About 4500pts, and about half painted. I learned a lesson with this force, I picked up and built too many models too quickly and as a consequence haven't painted them all; I also picked a slow and challenging method for painting them which served to further retard that process. I’m going to refocus on these guys but not for a while..

DSC_8537[3] Orks – All but retired now, I’m debating whether to dispose of them in some way, there aren't a lot – a bunch of tabletop painted guys, a few squads of better paint and a bunch not even built yet. consider these “parked” for the foreseeable.

DSC_4336 Inquisition – I “recycled” a bunch of these models into parts for other projects, I didn't like the “new” grey knights at all. – it’s in my mind that at some point I will knock together an inquisitor and warband to use as an adjunct to a 40k army or in INQ28 games, I even have it mostly planned out, but its another parked project.

New Project – I had in mind to embark on some white scars in order to make a biker contingent that could add some punch to any of my marine forces, but it occurs to me that I would be far better served if I could create a more generic chapter with whom I could then use whichever codex or rules was most fit for the playstyle I wanted at that time.. more on this thought process in a later post..

Other projects/armies

DSC_7841[4] Germans – quite a few of these painted and ready to go, I do have a truck and a tank waiting to be painted to add to them..
Americans – in paint – there's a Sherman for these guys too (thanks Brad Pitt), but that might have to wait a bit.
Malifaux – I have some crews here, but haven't played since they moved away from pewter and the sculpts went totally cg; Honestly I don't like the more recent art direction, so this is probably parked. I can play a game or two now and then with

the rules I have and the  DSC_9532[3]models I have and that is probably where it will stay.
X Wing – No painting needed!… nope. none. no repaints either… shh.

DSC_8959[3]Boxed Games – oh man the list.. Star Wars Imperial assault, Sedition wars battle for alabaster, Super dungeon Explore, Mansions of madness.. all in varying states of “oh, I should paint that”…
Misc!  yeah there are a few models i have bought, been gifted or won even over the years that I always intended to do as display pieces and to work on that aspect of my painting – I’m going to left out a few of  these this coming year and have a go at more of that kind of painting too.

That's a lot. I could be very busy for a long time without picking up a single new model.. cos that’s how it goes, right everyone?

So I’m restricting myself to the single new project, which will in all likely hood be another imperial aligned army of around 2k points that I can use mix/match with my existing imperial armies at will and for which I will not need many new models, but a hefty focus on previously bought but not painted models and bitz. and alongside this new project finishing up and working through the crack mountain,. If I manage a good amount of progress on that, I may look at that inquisitor, or pick up an imperial knight.

On the work front it Is likely to be a challenging year as I start a new job with a new employer, so if the posts dwindle to monthly updates, don't be surprised.

That’s how I’m doing and where I am at.. how are you all doing?.. What from that list would you be most keen to see? what would you want to see tutorials on rather than just progress shots? let me know and I’ll plan it in!
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