Tuesday, 16 June 2015

WWII U.S. Airbourne Command Section


Painted for bolt action or operations squad, and a mix of artizan warlord and crusader I think..

DSC_9533 DSC_9534 DSC_9535 

NCO has the smoke and the “new” grease gun; His veteran companions carry the Thompsons.


A medic.. His face is a little miscast so he looks like he's carrying those bandages off somewhere to sort himself out to be fair…


Next week’s post is a step by step on these chaps to show you which paint is where as it was requested, and shortly after that I should have the 500pt force of them painted.


  1. I hate to tell you this but john just finished painting ups a test german over on his blog, i feel like you guys will be at odds in the near future...

  2. Excellent job. I love these guys.

  3. Nice work! I should have posted this on your last post, but I really like your truncated X logo on the drop pod. I think that looks really sharp, and I've never seen another one painted that way.

    I think Zab just called us out for a game. My two painted Germans would gladly meet you on the field of battle to surrender. :)

    1. thanks John, I tried a few ways to make it look right to me.. settled on that :)

      and dont worry on Ze German front.. I have plenty of them who will gladly lend a hand I'm sure !

  4. Oh, lovely work! I wish mine looked like that... :) thanks for sharing!

    1. Stay tuned then good sir, next post is the recipe!

    2. I most certainly will - just joined the blog :) Thanks for the heads-up! Cheers!


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