Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Six Years!

This Friday just gone, the 24th April was the Blog’s Birthday. It’s six years since I made the first blog post after fleeing from the toxic and incestuous forums that were my only other hobby outlet at the time.

I'm very grateful to my readers here. In the time I’ve been posting I've met some awesome people and been able to share my hobby with people all over the world, and hear back from them.. this internets.. wonderful thing.

I’d like to think I’d still be making models and occasionally playing games without the blog.. but ya know I think it’s doubtful. I think one of those times life gets busy and work gets hectic (like now) would have seen me put some stuff away and not get it out again for a few years, as has happened before in my hobby life.

So thank you to all of you who read the odd post here, and thank you especially to anyone who has found content interesting and taken the time out of their lives to say so.

I’ve tried to “give back” over the years by talking about what I do and trying to write tutorials or make videos, and I stand by that, so this is a good opportunity to ask me for any tutes or vids on anything you've seen me do that I either haven't explained or haven't explained well enough. just let me know and I'll make it a topic, either in the comments or email me.

So, six years.. time for a “Top five most hits articles” post? I think so..


So, I’m going to cheat this a bit and count those top two as one.. and wow, people really want to convert their Stormtalons huh? I have some video shot for how I did this, so might get that edited at some point into a post.. in the meantime, here are some quicklinks to those posts.. (click the pics)

DSC_7345_thumb[1] DSC_7487  

I didn't think this would be so popular..


This was done on a whim as I came into possession of the two figs from the DV set- the libby and the Chappie. I’ve still to find a use for the chappie, though he may become an inquisitor.


I guess this guy is often searched for as people are checking out the Codex entry and not seeing a model…


This may be “legacy” hit, this was a very popular post at the time of writing..


Who doesn't want to make the most out of their Russ kit?

So there we have it, six years on, still going. I’m getting finished with the BA soon and now that the Massive Voodoo competition entries have closed I might be able to post my entries.. I’ll check on that, I think they must appear on the MV site first.. (nothing exciting or bespoke, I just threw what I'd already painted into their comp..) then its either white scars or WW2 yanks, Haven't decided yet…


  1. What? really? That DV libby is the sh*t! Come on, really?

    1. I shall take that as a compliment sir! :)

  2. Six more years ! Here's hoping that you get re-elected next week....

    Seriously, your stuff is inspirational, esp IRL.

    1. Thanks, I'm standing on a platform of not nerfing Spezz Muhrine Bikers and using more Knight titans.

  3. Very, very hearty congratulations, mate. Here's to all the AMAZING content (especially paintjobs) you've put up over the years, eh?

    1. Cheers Drax. You realise you were my first ever commenter?

      So basically this is all your fault for encouraging me :)

  4. Six years? Wow, that is an amazing achievement! And a pretty long time, at least for internet standards -- you are basically internet royalty now ;)

    Regularly forcing yourself to come up with some new content can be tough, especially when real life gets stressful. You should be extremely proud of yourself!

    Here's to the next six then, eh? ;)

    1. Thanks Kraut :) it's not exactly been continuous service.. there have been.. outages :)

      I'm in the midst of a difficult period now for hobby/blogging time, but still trying to get a post out each week.. even if its "filler"

  5. Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment!

  6. Congratulations, man! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog over the years, and look forward to years to come - Keep up the great work, man!


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