Friday, 3 April 2015

Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest No1

This is the stock GW model, lovely sculpt even if the weapon options aren't well represented, he’d still convert up well imo.


Nothing remarkable about him really, just a standard paint job – the blood in the chalice is maybe worth a mention – a big old blood of the GW technical blood for the blood god, it shrank a little as it dried but that's actually okay for blood sloshing about, it’s more remarkable that the priest hasn't spilled any :)


As usual I'm finding blending gold easier than silver, weird really as this seems to apply for me whether I’m using NMM or TMM.


There we have him. one more of these, Lamertes, and some assault troops and a stormraven and I'm “done” with the BA contingent. There are some models I can’t share online at the moment as I’ve entered them in the massive voodoo competition, mostly for giggles as the competition level there is ridiculously high. I will however prepare the posts to appear after the closing date.

It’s the easter hols, but it wont be a post-a-day holiday as I’ve quite a lot on – expect the usual friday/monday updates.


  1. Great highlights on the sword. Like the little details, like the mud on the bottom of the cloak. Very well done! Good luck on the competition! Always enter! ALWAYS!

  2. Boo ! Boo for FNP inducing Sanguinary Priests ! C'est Fromage !

    Lovely paint job, btw.

    1. Oui, C'est Grande Fromage. C'est Vrai.

      Je suis Desole.


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