Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A little Progress…

I did say things might be slow for a while, yeah? Sorry about that. I think the best change I can make right now is a single weekly post, most likely on a Tuesday, that should better reflect the scale of progress being made on the hobby front; between and increased workload, an entertaining game and the weather picking up so being more active, it hasn't left a lot of time, however some progress on the BA assault squad featured here has been made..


In the interests of keeping you interested I thought I’d show you what’s been happening to these chaps, that way the few posts it takes me to finish them might be a useful guide of some kind to how I go about things.

After getting the airbrushed segment done; which is always the largest colour on the model – for these guys its the red of their armour, for the Kroot I did a few years back it was their skin – I progress to dealing with the rest of the model. I put a basecoat of a mid-tone of the colour I ultimately want on every part that’s a different colour. you can see these flat colour above, for the record: Iyanden darksun, VMC Black, Reaper tarnished steel, VGC Cayman green, dheneb stone, Andrea minis flesh set base and a reaper ancient bronze.


I then use selective washes often several layers of thin washes to darken the tones and create shadows for each colour, again for the record I used: Gryphonne sepia, Ogryn flesh, army painter strong tone, VMC black, and citadel brown ink.

the next step will be highlighting each colour to make it pop, then move on to detail, transfers and weathering. I’ll keep the pictures coming and hopefully you'll get a good idea of my current “tabletop” paint job process.

After that I’ve another squad to do (ten is a bit too dull of a batch size for this process – 5 is just right)  and the flyer, then onto another project.. whether that’s finishing up the guard units, painting some Americans and starting in on a planned white scars battle group.. time will tell..


  1. Looking good Karitas,
    You are just using the airbrush for base? Or are you taping up for the yellows?

    1. Hey Greg, yeah just the red with the AB, other colours are brushwork of the wooden stick with hairs on the end variety. :)


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