Monday, 23 March 2015

Tallarn Advisor

So, my Imperial guard army being desert themed, it has seemed obvious to me for a while that I needed to add a few Tallarn, and ever the optimist I was holding out for FW to make some more.

Imagine my shock then to discover the Tallarn models were among those being retired. I picked up a few in those final days, and have put them together to make the best of what is available.

This chap represents a stand in for the officer of the fleet for my IG desert army – this because “On Arrakis, it’s desert power” if you get my drift.


 DSC_9038 DSC_9039

It’s the Tallarn Tank commander with a set of slightly oversized cadian legs to prevent him being a disembodies torso. I think he’ll stand in quite well once painted.

I’m clearly going to have to try and give him blue eyes tho.


  1. I like the kitbash very much.

    Very Lawrence of Arabia.

  2. Hey Lawrence, why the long face :P Besides the base how are you gonna tie him in with the BA?

    1. Well I was intending to use him with my desert camo Iggies, but as I may now feild some BA alongside them in larger games, it's not neccecairly something that inst going to come up..

      I'll have to think on that

  3. Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm. :)
    He looks great with actual legs!

    1. Thanks man.

      he might have looked better if i'd deliberately chosen a donor model from the FW range, rather than just use the leftover cadian plastic legs I have lying about. - cos of the scale and such, but he'll do for a quick job.

  4. He'll be orf having tea with the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, then...

  5. It's cold in the desert at night: I guess he's just got some bulky long-johns on underneath.

    What a cracking pose!

    1. Yes,
      the Departmento Munitorum was out of his size desert camo fatigues.



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