Friday, 13 March 2015

Blood angels Tactical Squad finished – last few guys!

DSC_9251 DSC_9252 DSC_9253

Finally finished this group, Took a wee while among other hobby tasks, but there it is.


These three were the last models, the Sarge and the special and heavy weapon guy. Three flamers templates from 1 tac squad, at str 3, 4 and 5.


DSC_9235 DSC_9236 DSC_9237

Heavy flamer guy, getting more comfortable with these now- don't get me wrong, these aren't “display” models, they are tabletop, but the blajnce of speed and result is getting there.


DSC_9239 DSC_9240 DSC_9241

Sarge, hand flamer and power sword. yeah, it’s that kind of tac squad.


 DSC_9243 DSC_9244 DSC_9245

This guy feels oldschool. I miss beaky lids. so glad theres a bunch in this box.

So that’s a tac squad done. it’ll be a while before I do another full squad, though I might make a smaller one with melta/inferno.


  1. Doh, ate my comment. I used to think beakie lids were silly, and now I kinda of like them too. Nice job on the squad. Flamers looking great!

  2. Yeah Beakies aren't my cup of tea, not after FW solidly introduced the MkIV and its many variants!

    Great work as always, even for a speed job. With Pod, the squad looks very tidy.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    For me, the beaky lids were always a big part of what made the GW Sapace Marine unique and I was very sad when the diluted the uniqueness of that original vison with a more standard sci-fi "menacing helmet".

    The shape evokes the 14th century plague doctor mask, and gives the marines a much more sinister aspect - emphasising the early RT era grimdark flavour that first attracted me to 40k - it's the main reason my marines are seldom "clean" and brightly coloured, and if there is a beaky lid, I'll use it :)


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