Friday, 27 March 2015

Blood Angels Death Company Kitbashes - Painted


So having had a lot of fun building the improvised generational mishmash Death Company, I thought I’d paint them first so as to dial in the black.


 DSC_9279 DSC_9280 DSC_9281

These guys are a combination of fifteen year old metal DC bodies and brand new plastics packs, weapons and arms.


 DSC_9283 DSC_9284 DSC_9285

Most of the squad is modelled with bolters as that’s the leftovers you get if you build a CC DC unit


 DSC_9287 DSC_9288 DSC_9289

But I think these have come together well and make a nice looking unit – there's a droppod with these guys name on it in the paint queue


DSC_9291 DSC_9292 DSC_9293

The only special weapon in the group – a Fist. Iconography stripped off and cross painted on – it’s “borrow4ed” from my space wolf bitzbox.


DSC_9295 DSC_9296 DSC_9297 

This chap has a chainsword to remind me that all the guys here have CC weapons. they have relentless to so even with the bolters they can charge – the loss of the pistol not such a big deal either as they has 2A base


The other squad is on the block now that I’m happy with the paint scheme, and if these are any indicator it shouldnt take me long to paint them.


  1. Very nice. Although you can still see the old sculpt under the paint if you knew what to look for, they blend in well enough with the new parts, and the paint does tie it all together.

    Those green eyes are splendid - nice touch and a good way to step away from traditional red lenses.

    The Wolf fists were top class and way better than the alternates at the time. I think the newer Tactical/BA kits have caught up in styling.

    1. Hi Muppet, yes definitely the more dynamic poses show their age and the limitations of the old pewter spin moulds.

      thanks for the nod on the eyes, I had this debate with myself a while ago and decided that eye lenses and visors were either green yellow or blue (the range of optics we would usually use) and have been choosing the best of those to compliment the paint jobs i'm doing. green works well for BA as its a complimentary accent, I use yellow for my wolves for the same reason.

      Totally agree on the wolf kits, for me they were a real turning point in quality of model and availability of bitz for customisation.


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