Sunday, 22 February 2015

Half Term in Review

Well, that was a decent week of hobby. the following posts summarise the activity – though a few more things were done that will be part of the regular Monday/Friday posting schedule going forwards. IF you missed any – here is the week’s links.





DSC_9151 Wednesday




But that’s not all!

I was most fortunate yesterday to get in a Game against mr ZZZzzzz and his Eldar Corsairs, getting some much needed first experience with the blood angels.

I didn't get many pictures, as it’s a bit dingy in the kitchen and I got a wee bit caught up in the action, but I'll post a few after a bit of a rundown of the highlights (or lowlights, depending on the side of the fence you were on)

I’ll be honest I was a bit trepidatious going in, on paper the corsair list looks very strong, I havent played the BA in about twenty years, and we rolled my least favourite mission, Purge the Alien, and my least favourite deployment for a CC army, the short table ends.


this is what I took, in various states of paint – a primary detachment of BA with a termie libby, termie CC squad, furioso, raphen death co and a tac squad with sang preist., a secondary detachment of scouts, sang preist and second death co squad, and the storm raven/stormtalon formation. 1850 points.

My oponent had a troupe of harlies with all the trimmings, a corsair prince and farseer ion a falcom, a warp hunter, something scary with a D cannon on it a squad of hornets, and squad of war walker and two units of deep striking corsairs.

 download (2)

I didnt deploy a lot turn 1, I put the termies and libby in the raven and put the formation on the corner to zoom up my right flank, i deployed the chaps above – the half of the tac squad without the interesting toys combat squadded into this building, and the scouts halfway up the board.

download (3)

These were quite scary to Mr Zzz as he didnt have any skyfire with him, that said, they didnt actually DO much. some useful fire from the missile launchers, a lot of harassing but ineffective fire from the AC’s and a total failure to deliver the termies anywhere useful meant that about 500 points of the army might as wll not have been there.

 download (1)

Mr Zzzz’s car park of 12+armour with saves, (holofields) I decided to drop a first turn death company pod in front of them, for giggles and it turned this area into the main nexus for the peice exchange that is purge the alien.

download (5)

The fist in the scout squad manged to kill a hornet in CC, and the Death company decided not to die to harlies, (except the pianted one, the painted ones always die first), but to break them. who expected that, right? this DC unit went on to take out a hornet and his corsair prince, with help from the scouts in CC.

Havine DC with FNP, and then two other units with priests attached for more FNP makes what looks like a small model count fragile force quite hard to deal with it turns out.

 download (7)

these walkers gave the scouts a bit of a problem, then died to AC fire.

download (8) 

Long story short, by the 3end of turn 4 there were no more space elves atop the table.. I’d lost a unit of Death company and a few models here and there from other units.

I hadn't expected that going in, mr Zzz’s generalship was not in question, as the last time we fought the eldar and SW was a close run thing, with my wolves only really being taking the victory by the game ending at the right time for them. It turns out that the BA is quite a strong codex if you take advantage of the ease of distributing FNP models throughout the army, as these then turn into a bit of a focus for the foe allowing other units to stomp around as they like.

I’m not sure if my plans to develop the force with bikers needs to actually go ahead, rather, I want to try a few more games with this setup and see what happens against other forces, I still think tank and shooting heavy armies should chew me up.

There we go, a week of hobby, normal service will resume with a post tomorrow and one on Friday.. that should continue for the foreseeable, but I'll let you know if any “outages” rear their head :)


  1. The part i like the best is how nicely painted both your armies are getting! I'm a hobby snobby though so don't mind me :P

    1. Oh me too, Those corsairs are really pretty, I'm sure Mr Zzz has them on his blog somewhere, if not he needs to take some army pictures asap :)

  2. OK, ok, ok.

    Despite the fact they're all dead... In retrospect, without FNP I think I'd have ended up dying to Terminators. Oh well, C'est la Morte...


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