Saturday, 14 February 2015

Half Term – Daily Posts?

So, It’s become something of a thing to try for a week of posts in half term, and this Half term will be no exception.

I’m going to try and work in a daily post with what I've been up to. now if I include the regularly scheduled Friday post (yesterday) and the Monday, that will make eleven posts in a row. Hmm, let’s see about that then shall we.


There’s plenty on the (re-organised) workbench as you can see, so this is likely the content you will see in the coming week.


I’m experimenting with airbrush work on minis to try and get these blood angels to a reasonable timeframe to paint with a decent outcome for looks; my current space wolf method being a bit onerous, and when combined with the sheer volume of unpainted puppies, it’s a tad overwhelming.


The guard are nearly all painted, so I might put some time in on them, although I do have a new unit sat here awaiting build convert and paint. hmm, not sure that was wise :)

Anyway, lets see if I can manage a week of content for you all. The trick will be making sure I have that, and enough to get me through the coming weeks as well :)


  1. Such color! Bench looks great!

  2. Yeah a little something picked up from roman at Massive Voodoo, B+W pics as teases :)

    Starting pistol has sounded and we're underway chaps!


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