Monday, 9 February 2015

Furioso? Furioso

Not a very inspiring post as there isnt much variation in how these go together, svae that I opted to use the frag cannon..

DSC_9106 DSC_9107 DSC_9108

It is however a satisfying kit to build and goes together very well. I may need another now to build as a DC dread with talons.

The base got a little work to avoid the STC dread base look and I’ll be moving forward with paint on this chap asap. – I’m using an army painter brown primer for these red models and it seems to be helping with the warmth and coverage, – it may be all in my mind, but hey ho.


  1. Kool. Iiking the brown undercoat, too.

  2. I was quite a fan of the BA Dread when it was released (though not enough to justify another Dread purchase). It was really the frag launcher that sold me on it - such a different looking bit of kit to the standard fare.

    I too am liking the brown undercoat approach - its become my go too base for reds.

  3. Looking forward to the buildup. I just like how brown sets tones for the undercoats. Lets you do a variety of techniques from chipping, to building up yellows and reds. Just a nice solid foundation.

  4. Yeah, this is army painter dark tan, works quite well with the dark reds i am using for these guys

    thanks for the comments chaps. Ive started getting some paint on this fellow, should be done with him soon(tm)


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