Saturday, 21 February 2015

Blood Angels Terminator Librarian Painted


Quite pleased with this, the conversion worked well I feel and its a very nice model. My slight lamentation about the crispness of metal minis in comparison earlier in the week notwithstanding.


Quite a nice pose on this chap, and it lends itself well to converting


Starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of the TMM on the blades now, though there's still a point every now and then when I lose a transition.. due to the concentration of metallic pigments fluctuating in the solution on the palette I fear.


Base was made the same way as the tac squad bases I cast up, some structural magic sculpt embedded rocks, clear some space for dried out river/pools and hit those with the crackle technical.


Now I just need to finish up the termies that will accompany him; this may be delayed as it appears I may actually be playing today! Gasp!

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