Monday, 2 February 2015

Blood Angels Tactical Marines First Paint


A little lighter than the scouts, but also a little rougher in transitions – mainly as I’m dialling in some new paints. That’s a topic that will likely get its own post, but for now these guys are good enough to play with and I've got some things to work on; for me that's win/win.

DSC_9120 DSC_9121 DSC_9122 DSC_9123

I think of this as a “classic” pose – the truth being it’s one of the only decent poses you could get out of the old RTB-01 box :) hence the beaky head, quite pleased with him, though I can see several areas for improvement on future minis, the highlights could be more coherent and the new metallic paints will take some time to develop smoother transitions with. I’m freehanding company and squad markings too so that's going to take a while to dial in.


DSC_9124 DSC_9125 DSC_9126 DSC_9127

Combat Squad leader, another “old” helmet and legs giving the team an air of a tac squad who have either been operational a while, or who are working on legacy armour. quite like how the back of this guy came out.

DSC_9128 DSC_9129 DSC_9130 DSC_9131

this fellow is on one of the cast bases that came out quite well, between the cheeky skull and the dried up water pool look, I’m quite pleased with that. The model is also quite decent, though a model covered with red, yellow and off white was never going to look awesome first time out; the only paints I am not quite settled with are the yellows, the coverage is traditionally poor.

So there we are, these took the better part of a week picking away at them whenever I had a spare hour, and I’m quite pleased; but a whole squad is likely to need a wee bit more time inv4ested to iron out some of the issues. anyway as always I welcome your thoughts.

oh, also, these are meant to represent 3rd squad second company blood angels. just in case anyone was interested in my choice of markings and colours.


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