Sunday, 15 February 2015

Blood angels Scouts with shotguns


First guys off the production line, markedly not up to snuff when compared to the first two painted, but still okay for the table. for me I think the true goal for these models is somewhere between the two jobs, for a balance of time and outcome.

The thing is though, these plastic scouts are pretty fugly – I’m sure with similar effort the metal ones will come up nicer..

DSC_9135 DSC_9136 DSC_9137

The reason for building a few shotgunners is to help the squad have a wee bit more versatility, without compromising their CC too much.

DSC_9138 DSC_9139 DSC_9140

The decals are a bugger to get on the extreme curve of the scout pads, and there is no decal for the 10th company badge so I’m having to freehand the other pad.

DSC_9141 DSC_9142 DSC_9143 

I do like this chap. his visor is very old school :) should have given him a chainsword.

Maybe one day I’ll convert up a marine to look like that old RT era metal guy :)


Here are the squad members assembled together – the four CC scouts will also add to this and with a converted sang preist could even fit in a drop pod if I so choose..

Gettingoff to a good start with the half term content.. lets keep rolling..


  1. I like 'em. My 'zerkers like 'em too.

  2. Hm, with the priest in there, and the zerkers at a comparable point value, i think that might be an interesting experiment.

    Of course it would depend who got the charge, and I expect the BA would lose, but you might be surprised by how little.


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