Monday, 16 February 2015

Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought Painted


Actually had a lot of fun with this, and while I know it has some shortcomings, I’m still trying to find a balance between “realistic and gritty” and “painted” – for my guard its easy I go full grit, and for my wolves I am more heavily on the “painted” side of the fence, but working on this new army has been interesting trying to find that balance, – its been a while since I needed a whole new scheme.

DSC_9165 DSC_9166

So this scheme has some of the airbrush style shading that my wolves gat, with weathering similar to my guard, which I think looks okay- what hasn't properly evolved yet is an approach to gems and the like, as with the wolves I go all out reflective – and the guard simply don't have them, so I'm trying to find a way that gives them depth, without going to “painted.”

DSC_9167 DSC_9168

Anyhoo, That’s him, another day, another post ;)


  1. Wow. That was quick. What are those things on its head ?

  2. Its a "magna-Grapple" which is can apparently used to pull itself towards vehicles, negating terrain tests for charging them

    i mean, its really for a CC dread, but I liked it :)

  3. That's an impressive looking machine and I love all the extra work that has gone into the base - great job.


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