Thursday, 1 January 2015

Modellers Manifesto for 2015!

So it’s time for the obligatory annual reflective/planning post wherein we ponder the yer gone, and the year to come.

~Used without permission

Fear not, for some hobby activity is underway!


Allbeit hampered slightly by the stunning game offering that is Dragon age inquisition. after a feeble second offering, this game really surprised me, as it’s a corker.

Last year-

I got a lot done, and managed to blog a lot of it coherently. it’s only really this last stretch up to Christmas where but my modelling and blogging activity waned, and even then pre-planned content almost got me there. If I had gone for 1 post per week instead of two, I would have filled the year easily.

The guard I have are much easier to paint than the wolves, so I’m going to look at how to get paint onto the wolves in a way that pleases me both result and time wise. this will be an ongoing thing.

So to plans then.

I am going to buy less new stuff, and make more progress on the crack pile. the new wolves offered me very little I wanted to add to the force, ditto the new guard, and both forces are quite large now. my orks lie fallow and its likely that will remain the case – I may have to decide whether to part with what I have or to keep them around.

This notion of not buying new stuff has some exceptions – I’m going to allow myself to buy things that are need to complete units. whether that's bitz or boxes, i’m also going to buy hobby sullies that are needed.

Two other exceptions – I’m going to allow the purchase of plastic sisters if any come out and are good :)  if progress is good I will allow myself to put together that inquisitor i keep talking about for the armies of the imperium I seem to be gathering.

There were also some Christmas purchases that are on the list, but they don't count see, cos they were last year :)

The todo pile is quite large and looks kindof like this:

New army (yeah, i’ll make another post about that) to build, paint

Mansions of madness box to paint

Imperial assault box to paint

Super dungeon exp,lore box also for paint

Cadian heavy weapon teams to paint

Elysian sentinels and tauros to paint

Space wolves, loads to paint, like, loads. oh dear.

WW2 US airborne in need of paint.

some terrain still to assemble and paint for desert board.

A few guys in the bitzbox that aren't quite units yet who may get some attention of time/motivation blows that way.

See to me, that’s a full year of hobby stuff, even If I make lightening progress, so I shouldn't need anything new. there's enough variety there too so I wont get bored, and keeping to the rules should be fairly easy, I may need the odd guy here and there to fill out a unit or some bitz to finish a conversion, but that's all within the plan.

So that’s my manifesto for the coming year, I’ll set up some posts, one a week most likely Friday– to be done during holidays where I get a lot of hobby done, then I’ll make an additional post on Mondays if I’ve done anything that weekend. so it will be 1 or 2 posts a week. that should be achievable. :)

Here’s hoping we all have a healthful and prosperous year!


  1. humm.

    Looking forward to seeing all of that.

  2. I think everyone will allow themselves to buy the plastic sisters if they show up :). Happy new year!

  3. Crumbs. You've got a lot on your plate for this year. I assume you're taking a sabbatical then...?

    1. Ah if only.
      I set out my to do list, doesnt mean it will all get "to done".


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