Friday, 23 January 2015

Making and Casting 32mm Bases for Power Armour Models (Part 1)

I Quite like this change, having got my mitts on a BA tac squad (more on this later), I find I do like the new size. however also having a death company box from quite a while ago, I needed more than I had, so I set to to make some generic bases I could take a mold of and cast up enough for the small army I am making.


So with some bases made – A bit of epoxy clay for surface detail, some gravel and the odd piece of scatter like a skull or cork rock, I set about making a mold.


I had this useful old plastic tray, and you can see here there are some areas ive put crackle medium in for a “desert” feel – these are also sealed with pva, and glued in place on the plastic tray with pva – you can use any suitable receptacle that will give you depth for create the mold.


I use Sylmasta rubbers and resins for this, moulding rubber and catalyst here along with mold release – this is important especially as the gravel gives lots of small undercuts.


we mix up the rubber in the recommended proportions as the packaging stipulates


Add catalyst


Mix. this isnt mixed enough, and wont cure properly or evenly.


This is what you are looking for. dont worry about the bubbles, it de-gasses well, and a long pour will help.


If you were really worried about bubbles you could brush some rubber into any difficult areas before you pour, but I didnt bother here.


leave it for 24-36 hours to fully cure, and de-gass.


at which point it looks like this.


In part two we’ll look at the mold and make some casts..

Hopefully this has been helpful, and I’ll answer any questions in the comments below :)


  1. Cool, I look forward to seeing how they turn out!

  2. This is exciting. There appears to be no foreseeable end to your talents. Looking forward to seeing how they come out.

  3. Replies
    1. I get mine online direct from sylmasta (

      Thier casting kits are a good place to start, depending on your needs - (

  4. Well you certainly have my attention, looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

    1. Thanks Michael, Part two should be up tomorrow,.

  5. Ohmigosh: this is SUPER exciting! I've only ever cast my own tiny bits and bobs using some bastardised jerry-rigged combination of Greenstuff and (if you can believe it) Fimo...with Vaseline as a release agent.

    But this?

    - This looks SUPER exciting.

    Please tell me it gives off nice fumes too...?

    1. Sadly, not so much fumes. I mean, sure, it has a smell, but its not very strong, nor is it harmful.


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