Friday, 30 January 2015

Blood Angels Tactical Squad - Build

This really is a lovely kit, lots of options, lovely custom parts, makes them feel very bespoke without much effort, and the fit is lovely too – testament to the quality of GW’s models.

One criticism would be the size, and the scale creep we’ve seen. I still have a couple of older models from the BA range and they are noticeably smaller. not a new phenomenon, but as my collection only includes some very old and some very new BA models, it’s quite struck me.

Anyway, here are the boys I’ve managed to build with the kit, I’m not cure yet which company to use as far as markings goes, so any input on that would be appreciated :) (since time of draft this is settled, I’m going second company, and these boys will be 3rd squad.)


Sergeant, hand flamer and powersword – These guys basically get the old furious charge so against anything but specialist CC squads they should be able to give quite a mauling up close.


Corporal – no significance, except if I combat squad the unit he’ll lead section 2


Heavy flamer. – I went with an army painter brown  primer here to see if that gets me a warmer red- I’m going to go ahead with a scout in grey primer so that I can compare afterward…


Flamer. a good number of beaky helmets in this box, and as I’m nostagiaing while I build them, its good to be able to use some :)




Riflemen – one in “classic” pose ;)


and the last two to complete the unit.

Quite happy with these builds, tho one or two look a tad awkward, its much easier to get natural poses with this set of bits.

Look for initial paint next post!


  1. do you always stick the bolters on before painting or was it just for this particular instance?

    1. Pretty much, unless its a display piece. for models I am going to play with, I figure if I cant get my brush in there, you wont be able to see in either :)

      Plus if the model is complete it helps me see where the dark/light areas should be. I know it flies against the conventional wisdom, but it usually works for me.

  2. I love the beaky helmets. Soooo much nostalgia for the Quasimodo poses of RTB01...


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