Friday, 16 January 2015

Blood Angels Scouts – Test Paint

So I set to these chaps last weekend, and while I am annoyed with myself (I didn't clean all the mold lines as I was intending to just slap on some paint as a test) because I quite like the result-


I’ve used some new paints on these chaps – more on those in a later post, but suffice to say I’m quite happy with them.

I’ve also tried to strike a balance between decent looking and not to onerous to paint. for example, his squad markings (hi right pad) are freehanded, whereas his chapter badge (his left) is a decal.

DSC_9065 DSC_9068

Oh the text is a technical pen too :)

DSC_9066 DSC_9067 

And his buddy -


same deal.. freehand…..                                      and Decal

DSC_9070 DSC_9071 

I painted these guys in metallics, as I wanted to try that for speed and effect.. then I did an odd thing.


I repainted the metal areas in NMM so see what I preferred.


DSC_9080 DSC_9081

I struggle more with steel than with the gold, I think my current recipe has too few colours in it, and it shows on large areas like this blade, but it certainly makes the areas pop more,


Of course i can also see areas for more focus, I could always use more contrast in general, and especially in lenses and gems etc, those need work,


I’m okay with gold tho, I feel. though with this level of contrast in the metals, it shows up that the whole mini would benefit from more contrast.


So there we have it, some paint experiments. next up for paint will be a few tac squad members, but I've got to show you all some of the build first ;)

Question is.. To metallic, or not to metallic?


  1. Nice work! Love the muted tones on the armour and fatigues.

    To be honest I think the metallic looks better - the NMM feels like it 'shines' too brightly in contrast to the more subdued color palette of the model itself. I think the NMM effect you've gotten looks great (beautifully done!), but it feels a little jarring on these minis to me.

    Either way you end up going, they're beautifully done!

    1. when you're right Mord, you're right.

      it's too jarring.

      So.. Back to metal, but i think "true metallic metallics" yeah, that's a thing - it means do metallics, but paint them with varying shades like nmm, instead of just chainmail - wash black - highlight :)

      I think I will also push the contrast a wee bit in other areas.

  2. Yes! love the gritty red. Not a fan of the bright uber vibrant BA. This is more RT era type BA. XD

  3. Yep - like the red. Use metallics.


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