Friday, 9 January 2015

Blood Angels – A New Old Army

One of my first fully completed armies was Blood angels, back when the “angels of death” codex had two whole armies in it for a tenner..


It goes further back than that for me tho, the first marines I ever painted were the RTB01 box. After looking in the Rogue trader book at the space marines page, I chose to paint my RTB01’s as Blood Drinkers.

17058_md-Artwork, Copyright Games Workshop, Rogue Trader, Space Marines

I don't really have an remnants of that army left, except a few scouts and a few unpainted old metal minis, but with a new codex, and let’s face it some lovely looking new models, I felt the need to put together a small force (1850) to add to my growing armies of the Imperium collection. It also begins to develop my collection in an armageddony direction as I've always liked that fluff and those armies.

I’m also going to be using some boxes Ive had for a while with either plans to develop as wolves (which lets face it I already have too many of) or no plans at all.. so this is what I plan :

It begins with a tactical squad, hvy flamer, flamer and hand flamer and power sword on the sgt. In a drop pod. A sanguinary priest will accompany them.

The second troops choice from this force org will be the Baal Death company (Raphen’s)

Fast attack gets a grav biker squad, with a MM attack bike.

The elite slot gets a Furioso, and a terminator assault squad, led by a Termie Librarian. These will ride in a Stormraven bought in from the Stormwing detachment getting me two Stormtalons which will all be painted as BA models

An allied BA detachment brings a second sanguinary priest leading a scout squad, CC with a grav pistol on the sgt.

It’s not meant to be optimised, but should be good fun and will allow me to add some more death company or assault squads at a later time if I want to. I already have most of this, with the termies and libby on order so should have some builds to share soon, if not paint. I’m not going to rush this as I want them to look decent.

One thing I haven't decided yet and am throwing out as a question – Do I use metallics, or NMM for the gold and silvers on these chaps?


  1. Well I'd love to see some Non Metal Metals (what a term. Lol), but that's an awful lotta work for some Red-Sparkly-Vampire Beakies.
    How awesome would a Flying Nipplewing squad look in NMM's though?

    1. You make a good point. I have no plans for sang guard at the moment, but if I ever do add them, i might be miffed if I feel I have to do them metallic to remain in keeping.. hmm..

  2. What's quicker ?

    Mah furst armee was RTB01 Blood Angles. Still bits of 'em kickin' abart...

    1. Truth to tell I too tried blood angels but on realising the chalice was going to be much easier to paint on the side than the fiddly wings.. I changed it up after about 2 figures :)


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