Monday, 15 December 2014

Star Wars Imperial Assault – What’s in the box?

The subtitle for this post being “Damn my IG sentinels look small now”

A large, well wrapped package arrived today, which is release day for the product.


The speed of arrival, and the process leading up to purchase such as an email to say it was about to appear on the shop and so on is exemplary of the awesome service I’ve had from Ben at – he's a relatively new online vendor for stuff like FFG products and RPG’s etc, he's also carrying some of the awesome otherworld miniatures and a range of X wing stuff, check him out if you haven't already (BTW standard disclaimer he hasn't paid me to say this etc etc, he’s just a good indie retailer)


On to the product – wot a big box! opening it reveals the usual FFG “buy moar” leaflets and some rulebooks


A quickstart, a campaign book, a rulebook and a skirmish rulebook. – like dust this has both structured campaign play and skirmish for scrapping.


The other gubbins!


Dice look suitably complex to scratch my gamrbrain itch. My inner Nerd is satiated.


Campaign character cards. Yes that’s a Wookie. and yes, a Bothan. I assume He’s a spy. and that at some point he’ll die. apparently that’s what they do.

 DSC_8956 DSC_8957

This box also comes with a Skywalker family twofer. (spoilers) and represents our first look here at the minis. they are a more firm resin/plastic mix than any FFG I’ve handled before such as Mansions of madness, and I hear it’s inline with the Dust plastic/resin compound. it feels firm yet flexible, I’ll let you know how it paints going forward.


This is huge. once I start work on it I’ll post it next to a sentinel. it will win.


The remainder of the minis in the box.


Transdoshans. really like the character on these, a little sad there weren't two sculpts, but still, lovely characterful guys.


Stormtroopers. oh yeah. and nine of them. co-incidentally that’s exactly how many of the original plastic toy Stormtrooper figures I had till some little scrote nicked them out of my desk at school. still haven't let go of that one.


“combat engineers” – emplaced weapons


Imperial guard. no, the other ones.











These character models are nicely sculpted and should paint up well. the poses are nice (cept the general) and dynamic – communicate the character well.

Okay, so no, it’s not a cheap box, but it’s full of goodness, and its STAR WARS. moreover it opens up possibilities like campaign play that spread across X wing and this – in both narrative and skirmish mode..

Anyhoo, that’s a Christmas present to myself – I should get a game or two of this in over the festive period and who knows, maybe some painting.

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