Sunday, 16 November 2014

Where have you been?

Well, as I cautioned you all, I ran out of content, and work is crazy (again) with a higher workload than I should have, coupled with not feeling great, its meant I've been more inclined to veg in front of a video game or crappy TV show than head up to the desk and paint in the scant hours of free time I have had.

there have however been gaming development, which I hope to share with you here sporadically over the coming weeks as I can find the time to create write ups..

Also, this happened.


Oh Dear.


Oh Dear oh Dear.


No, really now..



So that’s two starter sets, an X wing, a Y-Wing, Two B-wings, an A-Wing, a TIE fighter, TIE Advanced, TIE interceptor and 2x TIE bombers.


Star Wars – X Wing the miniatures game-  really rather a good game, lovely little miniatures, which lets face it is why we’re all here, and they come painted. and they are actually quite good. dont get me wrong, my future does hold some repaints, and the creation of asteroids and wreckage etc. but its that perfect game sales model. low buy in, little needed, but a whole hell of a lot of WANT.

So that’s happening, I still have Cadians on the bench, and Elysians, and a new squad too, I’ll post them soon(tm) I also managed a few games, but write ups either wont be forthcoming or will have to be sans pics cos the shots I have are suffering from “Kitchenus too dingius” and are therefore pants.

I shall endeavour to update you next weekend as to how things are developing on the old workbench. Till then,. Fly casual.


  1. What's not to love about x-wing and so much of it! ;)

    1. I know, such an elegant game, plus, lots of wee bits of card. the only problem is, it leaves me very little to make myself :)

  2. Xwing is such a lovely game. I love blowing rebel scum out of the sky...they're just so fragile!

    1. And thats a lovely demonstration of how balanced the game is, cos I think the reb ships are really quite resilient :)

  3. I stumbled upon your blog as I was investigating conversion possibilities for Tempestus Scion, and found a blog that I can relate to!

    Ohh, and x-wing!

  4. Same thing happened to me- work killed me and my blog and I had to fall out for almost a year. In that time, my buddy got us into the Flightpath games and we've rather shifted our focus. I am the Attack Wing guy while he's the X-Wing guy. I like X-Wing more sometimes, but the Flightpath system is a blast! Plus, no assembly or painting required... What's not to love!?!

  5. Join us.

    It's great, isn't it?

    Check out

    ...and also the link at the foot of my most recent post.

    By the way, if you're wondering just how addictive X-Wing can be, taake a look at my 'X-Wing Game 5' post, and consider that everything on that table has been accumulated since the start of term (Sept)...almost all of it by my opponent (I own just 2 Z-95s, 2 A-Wings and a B-Wing). Scary.

    In terms of building, I have thoughts of making a moon-base...and a space station...

    X-Wing rocks.

  6. I have a whole lot of WANT too, and after seeing your collection a whole lot of ENVY too - enjoy!


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