Friday, 12 September 2014

Post 400!

So, time for some stats then?


400 Posts and at time of posting just shy of 370 thousand page views, with about 20k page views a month at the moment, and about six weeks from writing to post time, I might hit 400k pageviews at the same time I hit 400 posts!

Thank you all who read this, and those who repost (and link back) it keeps me going if I'm honest, as I don't play much and I don't often take my collection out of the circle of friends I play with when I get chance so this is the only place a lot of this stuff will ever see the light of day.

Its great to hear back form people on the stuff I post, and better when a tutorial I’ve written helps someone out. – that’s one thing I haven't done enough of lately and I will get back to it.

As to where I am with models-

DSC_5520_thumb[1] Imperial guard – I have probably added all I should here, though I still have a list of models as long as my arm I could add, I’ll likely never get it all on the table at once so I need to tone that down a bit .. (well maybe another tank or two. oh and I DID always want ogryn..)







Space Wolves, I think these are next, – sort them out into coherent units under the new regime and get some progress made on the crackpile. not a lot I want to add here except maybe one of the new dreads. I may also want to rebase everything so that my entire imperial contingent has basing that matches my game boards and can be played together without the odd “it’s snowing over there, but not here” effect.







Orks – have been total backburner for a while, and that’s still fine – I have a lot of imperial stuff I can play all together and I still have a playable Ork force, I even have a few unbuilt units if the urge to paint green comes over me, this is effectively retired tho.








Daemonhunters – I have a single unit of termies left intact and painted, and one unpainted. that's okay, I can field them if I like, and may paint (and repaint) the units but I wont be adding to this force.








I do still have the IST i built back in the day and I have a long-term plan to use them as a base for a converted Adeptus Arbites force using the tempestus rules, but that's a ways off.

I do want to work up and Inquisitorial warband given the new codex and the ability to feild one alongside my exisiting forces.

New Stuff:

I have my eyes on a knight or two, most likely a castigator, just because awesome.

I have also always liked the sisters and if they get new models or a new book that I can use in the same way, to add a detachments I may well pick them up.

I’m also continuing to work on terrain that fits the new board I have, the idea being that it will all work together. so I guess I’m building a better world.

Aside form the fortykay above, I still have some US airborne that deserve my attention and that will happen at some point too.

So there we go, state of the union. anything you particularly want to see me do first? anything you want a tutorial on? now is the time as I draw up plans :)

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  1. Hearty congrats on Post 400, mate!

    US Airbourne are - of course - top of my wishlist...


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