Friday, 19 September 2014

Ork Trukk


I wanted to test out soome new rust and mud products, so an Ork trukk seemed like the perfect vessel.


More on the mud later, but the rust is “modelmates rust effect” and its really very good, if used correctly.


I think it might be actual rust, or if not it’s very similar in that it appears to be a liquid that oxidises to a powder when applied, and if built up in several layers and used with powders, some really amazing effects can be achieved



Here you can see several rust spots,  and some surface rust.


and the tailgate is in a bad way too..




  1. Have you got another one to paint up as the General Lee ?

    Yeeeeeeee Haw !

    1. Hah yeah, Bo Ork and Jesse ORk will have to wait a while fo5r thier ride I am afraid :)

  2. Looks the goods Karitas. Have you done a post on the build of the trukk before. It looks non standard. Very cool.

    I've been trying to get some of that rust effects for ages but it seems you can't get it into Australia and I haven't found a local stockist yet.

    1. Looong time back that I built this, its converted to 4 wheels and has an enclosed angine compartment and cab, all plasticard.

      when you say "cant get it in" do you mean its prohibited? or just not sold there?

    2. Sorry for the late reply - I haven't been able to find a local stockist, and overseas retailers wont ship due to customs blocking the importation in Australia. They generally stop aerosols which this isn't so I'm not sure what problem they would have with it.

    3. No worries, work has me in a froth myself at the moment :)

      It's a shame, - sounds like maybe it have an ingreedient that is prohibited. we had that in the uk with testors dullcote for a while, but they changed the formula.

      If it were just unavailable i'd have gladly sent you a pot - but i dont want to breach the fierce import regs you have over there in the colonies - i hear the penalties are quite severe :)

  3. Beautiful work, the weathering is fantastic!

    1. Cheers Mord, if Orks should be anything in my mind, its rusty :)


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