Monday, 15 September 2014

Nork Deddog Conversion Painted for Drax!


I considered an alternate title for this post, something around “Furtling Drax’s Norks”, but thought better of it.


this is Admiral Drax’s characterful take on Nork Deddog; it’s one of the lovely old, well sculpted Ogryn, you know the ones with actual detail on them :)

DSC_8788 DSC_8789

A wee while back when I offered to paint something for someone due to a blog event, Drax was the name out of the hat, and he offered up this conversion, I think as he had reached a bit of an impasse with the paint job. his instructions to me were along the lines of, “keep some catachan green and some dark angles green, some camo might be nice, oh and maybe a banner”


hopefully that counts as mission accomplished.

DSC_8790 DSC_8791 

Though I magnetised the banner in case he didn't like it.


  1. Wonderful job! I imagine its far more then expected :).

  2. What's not to like?! Karitas has more than done this justice! Just bloomin' wonderful!


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