Monday, 29 September 2014

Elysian company command Squad


I posted these chaps ride a few weeks ago, and here is the finished squad.

DSC_8830DSC_8829  DSC_8831 DSC_8832 DSC_8833

The Squad’s support weapon, because really these guys should be sat somewhere safe dishing out orders and fire.


The spotter/loader is magnetised, so can be removed to reflect wounding.


This Squad also has a sniper.


and a Technician first class, equipped with a ground scanner. mainly used to give the hvy bolter and sniper re-rolls.

DSC_8837 DSC_8838

Lovely models, and because these are resin you can really play with the poses, – all you need is a hairdryer.


Commander, with a pfist. cos he wanted one, and you know, it looks cool.

DSC_8840   DSC_8843

Commander ffolks acknowledges his role, and is happy to sit in the backfield, but when he does get assaulted, he likes to be able to respond, as do his two subalterns, (yeah, the Elysian list can still use bodyguards)  and he lives by the maxim “better to have one and not need it..”


  1. Excellent stuff. Cdr Ffolks and his team look good and I like the idea of them sat somewhere as a force multiplier. Will it work ? Fluffy war says yes, deep striking Kaos Termies say maybe not...

    1. Well yes, I agree. but lets face it no single guard unit of around 200 points can possibly stand up to a 350pt plus unit of termies.

      Except ,maybe an ogryn squad.


  2. I like those a lot - the HB in particular - I always loved the Steel Legion version with the gunner laying down - this one is even better with the stock being pulled back into the shoulder - great bit of kit.

    1. Yeah FW really do have some nice model ranges, its the mature approach and attention to detail thats lacking in GW's mainstream output these days

  3. Great looking models and poses. I also like how the bases look, bit overgrown, nice synergy between models, still interesting when repeated.

    1. Cheers Greg, yes its impressive what you can do with a box of Elysians and a hairdryer pose-wise :)

  4. Gorgeous work, man! Really dig how those turned out.


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