Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Things to come..

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, don’t know what happened there, I have posts scheduled for about a month in advance these days (every Friday and Monday) to ensure continuity of service to you, my loyal readers :), but somehow I missed putting one in yesterdays slot.


By way of apology I thought I’d post what is currently on my busy workbench and show you the WiP that resides there – you’ll see “finished” posts of all these in about a month if I get them finished as I think I Will, but for now here’s what's brewing:


This is probably my favourite Guard vehicle, the Valkyrie, much better now the Vendetta version is properly balanced, and as I work towards a full (as in playable alone at about 2k pts) detachment of Elysians I find I still enjoy building and painting them – this is my third and is earmarked for the command squad, so is given door gunners as an option.


It’s still in the process of receiving its basecoat – I’m just done with the airbrush having applied the sky tone camo to the underside,- quite pleased that the masking was good, no bleeds, and no areas torn off in removal of the tape, a decent clean line.


This will be my first Valk with and actual interior due to the door gunners, so the lid is removable

DSC_8684 DSC_8685

The weapon options are magnetised and the polarity matches my existing valk/vend weapons so i can use lascannons on this if i choose.


The door gunners are also magnetised so as to be an option, rather than “always on”


Also receiving paint at the same time is this stunning Vulture attack gunship (Burfday gift from my significant other)

DSC_8688 DSC_8689

Again, good clean masking and airbrushing thankfully, I hate having to clean up bleeds and overspray.


Also taking the khaki airbrush spray of doom – the elysian command squad


And a Cadian regular line infantry squad on the same patter as Fridays post.


Something for the ships to stand on in progress..


A Cadian special weapon team just waiting for flock and some clean up on their faces…


And me finishing off, and setting up to photograph the terrain pieces form the big game the other week. I’m going to try and do a few more interesting picture I think while I have some time on my hands, but all in all I’m keeping “hobby busy” during my hols :)


  1. Spectacular progress. I started a Valk in that colour scheme ages ago and it has just sat there with the undercoat. Watching someone else progress with models is pleasing and makes the frustration of your own progress more palatable. "At least someone in the world is getting their mini's painted!"
    Keep up the good work and I'll quietly watch from the corner (in a very non queer way). ;)

    1. Cheers Col.

      I've always struggled with big models, always lots of procrastinating and little happening, but I've learned that once I get the base coats on with the airbrush the rest is quite quick and easy, so i try to set aside time early on, soon after the exciting "build" phase to get that basecoat on, after that I can pick away at the detail and weathering and have a painted vehicle before i know it :)


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