Monday, 14 July 2014

Preparing for a Narrative game..

That should already have happened by the time this posts.


The weekend of the 12th should see a few people descend to play a game at Casa moi.. with a (gasp) story .. of sorts.

But in order to be ready for this a new table was required, and I thought I would take the opportunity in light of some of the 7th ed changes to revamp things and rationalise down to a single gaming board solution (well except for the big sculptural one, oh and the smaller WW2 one.. )

What has been constructed, reinforced, flocked and painted (in a single day I might add, with the able assistance of my nemesis who never posts on his blog :)) is as you see above, two 4x4 foot boards, and two 4x2 foot boards. this allows lots of combos to be built, from 2x 4x6 boards, to a single 4x8, a 4x12, a 6x8 etc etc..

We also set about some larger scale terrain to work with the board,


Some Tau structures


An Imperial outpost


Some natural terrain features


A ship that didn't quite make it to the aforementioned imperial outpost


Another natural hill.

These are all “in paint” at time of writing and will hopefully be done by the time of the game they are looking good so far, and this whole thing should work well with the buildings and barricades I already have.

There is one point arising from all this, and I think the ultimate answer is “Yes”, but given that I can now, thanks to 7th ed, play all my imperial forces together with impunity, and that I am rationalising down to a single board set the question is..

Am I really uptight enough about things looking “right”, that I am considering rebasing my space wolves to be without snow so that they can stand next to the guard on this board and not look “wrong”?

I have mentioned before that I think something may be wrong with me, yes? :)


  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing pics of the game!

    ...Nothing wrong with ya, man - we've all been there. :)

    1. Cheers Mord, Pics should be up Friday, I've shuffled the posting schedule for relevance :)

      And its reassuring to hear other share my illness Mord, cheers :)

  2. Nothing wrong there. I would go for replicating the existing SW army on desert bases. And on grey rubble for when they are on Devos IV. One army for the price of three !

    1. Ahh and the perfect reminder that there are always others worse off than yourself :)

      No, if I go ahead with it, it will be to ensure homogeneity, and to make it so that I can have all my armies based for the appropriate terrain, and not constantly be thinking "hmm I need a snow themed playing board as well"..

    2. That's defective thinking; you're doing yourself out of another two armies...


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