Monday, 7 July 2014

Militarum Tempestus / Kasrkin Kitbashes



I finished the last few guys who round out my storm troopers to three viable squads, and with a commissar thrown in that’s a viable force org, so they can be a totally scoring allied detachment in 7th, as opposed to non scoring elites in 6th. That’s got to be good :)


Sergeant Mctavish above sports a fine crop of facial fuzz, and leads a squad on his won with meltas.


Sergeant Morse leads a plasma squad, brave men, higher turnover that the suicide melta squads cos you know, the melting.

Here they are all Mustered in their squads with their metal compatriots, I think it’s a decent fit.

DSC_8569 DSC_8570 DSC_8571 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Did you do any scion hellguns with Cadian torsos ? I tried but couldn't make it fit.

    1. Yup, last picture, far right dude.

      I did have to shave his attachment point somewhat on the arms..

  2. Looks great! That Sergeant rocks.

    1. Cheers man, yeah reminds me of "sandy" in the Wild Geese :)

  3. lovely kitbashes, tempted to attempt some more but have too many Kasrkin already... but....hmmm
    Thanks for the motivating inspiration

    1. You're welcome. and remember, when it comes to 40k, more is always better :)

  4. Nice one mate - the FW Hazardous Environment kit is all win - nice bits mash

  5. Sorry for thr slow responses guys, work got hectic as we close down for the summer... (soooooooooooooon)

  6. They look awesome fella... For Guard anyway ;)
    Love the gritty look and the seamless transition of new and old kits, both you and GW have done well

  7. Do you have any instructions, files/photos that show progress of how you made this awesome conversion.

    1. Hey Man, sorry for this I was busking it and dint take pictures..

      However its very simple.

      I use a standard cadian body, I shave the gothic detail off the shoulderpad, and in some cases the eagles off the shins, ( I left them on the officers)

      Some slight trimming of the shoulder joint and the backpack was necessary for a good fit, and that's it. The "Kasrkin" heads are the hazardous environment cadian heads from forge world, and Robert is your father's brother.

    2. Oh and I cut the thigh plates off the original torsos and used them on the models i converted.

    3. No worries, I imagine that you have other activities you enjoy.

      Are there any tips you'd recommend such knife types, files, etc.
      I like the conversion, I'm just very clumsy.

      Not sure about this Robert thing.
      Would it be possible to display them again at some future time?

      Thanks for responding.

    4. Hi Elliott,
      apologies for the "Robert thing" - "Bob's your uncle" an English phrase for when something is easy, and I was being *ahem* witty with it.... clearly it doesn't easily transfer to French Canadian :)

      I persoanlly use a basic swann morton scalpel, but Ive been using one for years, if you have concerns i'd maybe suggest a hobby knife like an x acto or such which wouldn't be as sharp, but would still allow you to safely get the job done. be sure to regularly tighten the screw fix on the blade though if you get that type of knife as they can work loose.

      for abrasive I have a cheap hardware store pack of needle files, and I use a very fine (1200) grit sandpaper for finishing.

      then i just slice of the detail, cutting away from myself, unti there is a little left, then sand the remainder smooth, - its always better to remove too little at a time as you can always make another cut, but what you cant do is put any back once it's gone. :)

      I May well pick up another box of these, and If I do I shall be sure to document the process :)

    5. I wasn't aware you were French Canadian. No the expression doesn't translate well.

      Thanks for help and advice. I'll give it a shot.

      It'd be appreciated if you ever decide to redo said conversion but no rush.


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