Friday, 25 July 2014

Astra Militarum Guardsman Squad


Just your average everyday grunt squad.

Part of the platoon I’m working on and one of the sections under the PCS I posted a while back, this squad is one of two identically kitted with grenade launcher, missile launcher and vox caster

I know that common wisdom says don't put ML in a squad cos you cant move, and then they miss a lot, but to me, its fluffy to have an AT weapon in a section, and it synergises well with the GL and adds versatility, even if the BS3 means resounding wins with it are rare.

DSC_8575 DSC_8576 DSC_8577

Missile team, magnetised for PFC Ablative wound’s easy removal.


The “Important” part of the section, Grenadier, Vox, Sergeant and Corporal with Marksman las (no effect ingame)


The expendables.

Many more of these to come as I work my way through the platoon.


  1. the "important part" of the section never bothers to learn the names of the "expendables"


    1. There's more than one IG officer who just calls them all "Jenkins".

      Their undershirts are definately red.

  2. PFC Ablative. Lovely. Must remember that.

    Good looking squad mate.

  3. Nice. And I agree with your observation about AT capability within a section.

    1. Thankyousire, glad someone out there will understand and approve of my poor "gaming" choices for the sake of having a unit that more appropriately scratches my "looks right" itch :)

  4. I think you have made all the right choices with this unit and that is why they look so good together.

    1. Thanks Colonel.

      There's another identical unit to this one to round out the platoon's rifle sections, they also have some HWS and a SWS on the block too. debating whether to find them some transports, but its so annoying that the other sections cant take dedicated ones..

    2. Yes!! I hate that too!! I'd say just take dedicated transports anyway and simply not run them in tournaments or when your opponent actually cares. As a commander I don't have the heart to tell those units to walk with those big guns of theirs whole everyone else gets a ride.

  5. Hola
    Buena seccione si señor
    un saludo


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