Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Things to come..

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, don’t know what happened there, I have posts scheduled for about a month in advance these days (every Friday and Monday) to ensure continuity of service to you, my loyal readers :), but somehow I missed putting one in yesterdays slot.


By way of apology I thought I’d post what is currently on my busy workbench and show you the WiP that resides there – you’ll see “finished” posts of all these in about a month if I get them finished as I think I Will, but for now here’s what's brewing:

Friday, 25 July 2014

Monday, 21 July 2014

Astra Militarum Ministorum Priest With Plasma gun


I’d like to thank ebay…

DSC_8591 DSC_8592 DSC_8593

Lovely model, and now all my Vets have Priests again.

Just a shame I wasn't able to buy him by giving money to the company that made him, but that’s a topic for another post..

Friday, 18 July 2014

A Four-Way in the Garden

Not often one types a post title like that..


Monday, 14 July 2014

Preparing for a Narrative game..

That should already have happened by the time this posts.


The weekend of the 12th should see a few people descend to play a game at Casa moi.. with a (gasp) story .. of sorts.

But in order to be ready for this a new table was required, and I thought I would take the opportunity in light of some of the 7th ed changes to revamp things and rationalise down to a single gaming board solution (well except for the big sculptural one, oh and the smaller WW2 one.. )

What has been constructed, reinforced, flocked and painted (in a single day I might add, with the able assistance of my nemesis who never posts on his blog :)) is as you see above, two 4x4 foot boards, and two 4x2 foot boards. this allows lots of combos to be built, from 2x 4x6 boards, to a single 4x8, a 4x12, a 6x8 etc etc..

We also set about some larger scale terrain to work with the board,


Some Tau structures


An Imperial outpost


Some natural terrain features


A ship that didn't quite make it to the aforementioned imperial outpost


Another natural hill.

These are all “in paint” at time of writing and will hopefully be done by the time of the game they are looking good so far, and this whole thing should work well with the buildings and barricades I already have.

There is one point arising from all this, and I think the ultimate answer is “Yes”, but given that I can now, thanks to 7th ed, play all my imperial forces together with impunity, and that I am rationalising down to a single board set the question is..

Am I really uptight enough about things looking “right”, that I am considering rebasing my space wolves to be without snow so that they can stand next to the guard on this board and not look “wrong”?

I have mentioned before that I think something may be wrong with me, yes? :)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Big Guns and Bastions gribblies



Short post today just to show off the two gribblies that come with the bastion kit, alongside the one gun from the defence line and say that I really do like these pieces, and the bastion itself, If you're short of terrain for your table you could do a lot worse,

These will see duty as objectives, but also as emplacements, and possibly also occasionally be taken as part of my guard army. tres versatile!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Militarum Tempestus / Kasrkin Kitbashes



I finished the last few guys who round out my storm troopers to three viable squads, and with a commissar thrown in that’s a viable force org, so they can be a totally scoring allied detachment in 7th, as opposed to non scoring elites in 6th. That’s got to be good :)


Sergeant Mctavish above sports a fine crop of facial fuzz, and leads a squad on his won with meltas.


Sergeant Morse leads a plasma squad, brave men, higher turnover that the suicide melta squads cos you know, the melting.

Here they are all Mustered in their squads with their metal compatriots, I think it’s a decent fit.

DSC_8569 DSC_8570 DSC_8571 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Astra Militarum Objective markers


If you read here with any regularity it wont have escaped your notice that I like making objective markers, like these for my wolves, these for random point games, or these old Imperial Guard ones.

Well I decided I needed a few more for an upcoming game, and to flesh out my options in games, so I made the following….


Promethium, everyone needs more Promethium,


Medical station, this will need more aerial photography :)






Wounded man with a transponder.


And these chaps, on normal bases but still to be used as objective I think.

You can also see here I am trying something new with primer, a brown topped with a squirt of white.. Hoping it might add more warmth to my desert paint, and keep the shadows an appropriate colour..

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