Monday, 2 June 2014

(Over) A Week of blogging.

With the usually scheduled Fri/Mon posts this marks my 8th blog post in a row, and most of them have actually had content!


Its actually great fun blogging more consistently and were it not for that pesky day job I might do more of it. My usual schedule is twice a week, and I more often than not schedule those well in advance. in fact I have adopted the habit of using my holidays to binge on hobby and setting up a bunch of posts to occur throughout the coming half term.

Sure sometimes the wheels fall off and life gets in the way but then we all know that happens.

Anyway for those who missed my busy week of posts, here’s a recap:

 DSC_8455 Monday

desk2 Teusday

DSC_8513 Wednesday

100_0286 Thursday



99020101067_WESMCaptainLeadImage1 Sunday

Thanks for taking the time to read the guff I put up.I really do appreciate it.


  1. it's easy to let it slip when real life gets in the way. Thanks for sharing all your guard goodness!

  2. Excellent stuff man - really been enjoying it!

  3. I have trouble doing two posts a week. Everyday I think I'd lose it. But everything came out great. Especially lovin that aegis!

  4. Thanks Chaps, it really was good fun just posting more often.

    One thing I do have to be careful about however is to "even out" my posts, cos if i have a productive hobbey weekend that might generate four or five posts, and its tempting to just "post as I go".. I try to rather shedule them to trickle out to make up for the quiet periods of activity..


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