Friday, 20 June 2014

Ork Stormboy “finished”

I can see a load more I could do to this guy…


but I’m going to stop and begin another one.

As I learn the figure and try some new things, I'm both completing a unit slowly, learning and hopefully getting to the point that I can do one of these to a good level.


I've gone for a lot of worn metal and peeling paint, but I can do these things differently and will on the next chap


I tried out the new modelmates rust effect, and I can really see its potential, but i need to use it differently than I have here.


I’m also interested to hear you opinions of trying to make the model “in flight” rather than the usual “tippytoe”.

I quite like the smoke in person, but it does need a better paint treatment.- more glowy inside for sure.

I also need to play more with the shade/contrast to make more prominent areas of the model pop and less important parts fade more out of our perception.

Going to have to give the “how” of that some conscious thought.


  1. I like him. He's very dynamic, and captures the feel of a stormboy in flight quite well. His face almost combines a "WOOO with a what have i gotten myself into"

    I understand the need to always improve. It's part of being an artist, never 100% happy with your own work!

    1. Thanks Greg, I sad the same thing to one of my students just the other day :)

  2. Glazes with help a lot with contrast. However, he looks great and the haphazard in flight idea is so good for orks :)

    1. Cheers Zab, yeah I must get back to using more glazes, time was I didn't do anything but, now I use them less...

  3. I love it! The sideways mounting gives the model a huge sense of character, as though he's corkscrewing out of control (as the orks are wont to do). Great work, man!

    1. Cheers Mord, that's what I was after... now to build nine more without them looking samey.. eek

  4. It's a really cool model alright! I agree with Mordian7th that the pose really communicates the "corkscrewing out of control" idea, which makes for such a cool bit of visual storytelling. I think the smoke is really well done as well!

    As for the paintjob, I see what you mean about further differentiating the important and non-important areas on the model. I think the pose makes this more of a challenge in this case, as the fact that the model is actually angled sideways throws the viewer's senses into disarray a bit at first glance ;)

    That said, I think there are some easy steps that would help:
    - the trousers seem to be a little too bright, drawing attention away from the face -- indeed, they seem to be the main focus point of the model. I'd use a brownish wash or glaze to make them a bit more low-key, then maybe drybrush with a light yellowish brown (the old Graveyeard Earth would work) to represent areas where the cloth has become grimy and threadbare.
    - the teeth could do with a highlight in a brighter bone colour, in order to make them pop more. That would also draw more attention towards the model's face, which is always good ;)
    - maybe the fur collar could also use another pass of highlights so as to enforce its function as a framing device for the face?

    Anyway, hope this helps! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Kraut, spot on advice on every point, I think I also need to darken down the metals too, to reduce the number of bright spots..


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